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Crescent Design is moving to another facility!

Our move will be taking place on the week of January 16th.

We'll be closed from January 16th to the 22nd, and reopen for normal business hours on Monday, January 23rd.

We will still have access to email and our phones will only be down for one day (we hope).

Our new location will be:

6370 Nancy Ridge Drive, Suite 105
San Diego, CA 92121

Thank you!


Crescent Design, Inc. (CDI) manufactures and sells the Hydraulic Burst/Leak Tester (HBLT) which has become the world wide standard for pressure testing catheters, balloons, fittings, valves, luers and many other disposable medical devices. Some additional standard product offerings include equipment for feeding and cutting wire and tubing. The CDI team also has extensive experience designing and building custom catheter and guide wire production equipment.

Burst & Leak Testing Whitepaper